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Otterbein United Methodist Church is committed to being the warmest and friendliest church that we can possibly be, reaching out to the community and the world.  We offer a positive message of Christian hope for all.  We choose to be a church that involves itself in the lives of our neighbors, joyously telling them about the Good News of the Gospel and exemplifying the quality of life and the grace found in Jesus' name.


As Methodists & at OUMC our members are committed to:

  • Do All The Good We Can Do
  • Do No Harm
  • Stay In Love With God


OUMC Goals

               * Demonstrate God's Love
               * Help Those In Need
               * Provide Christian Fellowship
               * Become Better Disciples
               * Share the Gospel
               * Nurture Families
               * Study and Learn to Grow Spiritually
               * Help Our Community Grow in Faith


The OUMC Vision
God's Vision for the Otterbein United Methodist Church is that we are a loving, gracious, Savior-seeking congregation where His life-changing love is offered and where Christian living is taught and modeled by our congregation family and friends.  We accomplish this by:
               * Inviting Our Friends to Worship the Lord with Us
               * Learning God's Way in All Opportunities
               * Trusting God for Opportunities to Serve
               * Trusting GOD in Every Aspect of Our Lives
               * Provide Meaningful, Relevant worship and ministries to enrich the lives of all His people


Live - In - Faith - Everyday


A Prayer to Keep on Your Mind
Lord Jesus, give me more and more of your agape love.  Guide me as I move away from hating in response to wrongs done to me and others in my world.  Teach me how to see my "enemies" as you see them.  Amen.